How to Build an Email List from your Amazon Sales

Today I want to talk about a little bit more of an advanced tactic, which is generating email addresses from Amazon sales. Now before I get started, this is a little bit of a gray area on Amazon. Amazon doesn’t want you to divert any customers off of their site on to your own. They’re Amazon’s customers, not your customers in their eyes.

Keep in mind, these are gonna be the same tactics that big dogs like Sony and Kitchenaid are using. The two best ways to generate emails from Amazon sales are through product inserts or product packaging. What you can do is provide a warranty, a discount or maybe a product giveaway in exchange for a customer entering their email address on your website. Email marketing is direct communication with your customers.

It’s scalable, inexpensive and in my opinion the Holy Grail of marketing. Personally I like to use product inserts because they usually get read more than your product packaging. In your product insert you can do something like offer an extended warranty which would incentivize your customer to go to your website and enter their email address.

After capturing your email address you can email them future product promotions, to request reviews on Amazon, or more. If you don’t already have your website try using something like WordPress, Leadpages or Unbalance, which usually let you set up a website in under an hour without any technical experience.

According to Amazon’s terms of service, which keep in mind could change in the future, you’re not allowed to divert any sales off Amazon, onto your own platforms. If you’re going to offer a coupon or discount it’s best to send your customer back to Amazon to make sure Jeff Bezos stays happy.

Keep in mind that this is different than setting up an automated email campaign which automatically emails all your customers requesting feedback or a review. That in itself is a no-brainer! Everyone should be doing it! By providing excellent customer service to these people, it increases the likelihood of them going to your website and entering their email address there.

The reason that we’re talking about capturing email addresses outside of the automated email campaigns is, with the automated email campaigns, the customers true email address is masked through Amazon’s messaging system. This shows us the importance of building an email list off Amazon so you can be no longer reliant on Amazon.

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