My name is Annette Marcantonio and I live on the south coast of England between the sea and the forest. It’s a beautiful place to live.

I started my working life as a ladies hairdresser but gave that up because it started to affect my health. After that I had several varied jobs. I worked in a casino, a Restaurant and an insurance office.

Then my partner and I decided to try something completely different Рwe bought a smallholding in Cornwall and started a worm farm. We also developed some of the land into fishing lakes and built a tea room Рand we provided  bed and breakfast for the fishermen.

Unfortunately, when the recession hit in the eighties it affected so many people that everything went ‘pear-shaped’ for us so we moved back to Hampshire to start again.

We started a cleaning business and at the same time got very involved in network marketing. We spent over 10 years with the same network company but when they sold it the new owner ran it into the ground and left a lot of people high and dry. Time for another change of direction.

I then spent a lot of time on the internet looking for ways to make money and just like many before me I have thrown a lot of good money after bad trying different things and getting nowhere.

Having just completed the Quick Start Challenge and I think I have finally learned from someone who knows what they are talking about and am keen to put what I have learned into practice.

July 10th 2016.

All around the area where I live the councils have been planting wild flower meadows in various places such as wide verges, larger roundabouts, public recreation areas, central reservations on dual carriageways etc… and I have to say well done to them because it all looks absolutely beautiful. I think this is about the third year and each year it gets better and better.

I have taken some lovely pictures and decided to change my header from a sea scene to wild flowers. Hope you like them.