Fortune Files Month 1.

Fortune Files. Month 1.

The sales letter for Fortune Files impressed heavily that you were going to be using a special code to raid the accounts of the ‘Super Rich B*#!*#S’. To me and I am sure many others that suggests banks and millionaires which I suspect it is supposed to – clever marketing.

He talks about what the ‘Super Rich’ are up to to get all these millions, private banks specially set up, loopholes, codes and how I can get access to their private bank all 100% legally.

All this for £127 and a 30day money back guarantee if I am not satisfied with the results. Lead on…..

Module 1 Arrives. I found the accompanying letter a bit patronising – as if it were meant for a 5 year old. Maybe I am being a bit unfair and Michael White is just trying to make everything easy to follow even for a complete beginner.

The first 26 pages of the manual was filled with what to my mind is waffle to pad it out. He talks about opting out of the rat race and that he has tried every type of business in the past but nothing compares to this.

It goes on to tell you about everything that you don’t need for this type of business and that you just have to copy him. He mentions creating wealth, the ultimate home business, riding the next big wave, gold mines of the past and how the gold mines of the future are ‘information’.

I honestly feel that most of the first 26 pages could have easily been covered in 8 to 10 pages. A lot of it was repeated and over emphasized. Possibly I am being a bit unfair as I have seen so many sales letters and information packs over the years. Maybe to someone totally new to internet marketing this may be just what they want to hear and find it all very interesting. Anyway, on page 26 we get to the:

Quick Start instructions:

Ready-Made Data baron Business 1: ‘The Robin Hood Code’

You are sent to a website to download a single document that has a space at the bottom for you to enter your ‘Special Code’ – which by the way you don’t get until next month.

There is also a list of what you need to get started:
Access to a computer.
Access to a good quality printer.
Regular white A4 size printer paper.
A box of envelopes (any size will do, so get the cheapest).

I would disagree with the remark about the envelopes. There is nothing more off-putting than a sheet of paper over folded to fit into a small envelope. My choice would always be either an A4 or an A5 envelope so you either get no fold or just one fold. It gives a much better impression.

Ready-made Data Baron Business 2: ‘Compensation For Being Targeted’

You are told to get two large envelopes and mark one ‘Wealth’ and the other ‘Health’. From now on any promotions you receive in the mail gets put into either one or other of these two envelopes. If you receive email promotions just print them off and add them as well.

Later he is going to reveal the secret to how he made £187,000 from just one of these promotions For this second business apparently, for legal reasons, he has to – “train you fully in all aspects of this business to get your license. Most of the training will come from reading all 10 modules fully.” No dropping out then.

There follows a few more paragraphs about how you will go further up the ladder with each module and these valuable trade secrets are reserved for members only and how the rewards of this business are well worth doing it properly.

What have I learned from this module? Not a lot really but then I am not a total new comer to the internet. I have to say though that from what I have read so far I have absolutely no idea what this secret system is – so how can I tell if I think it is worth my first month’s payment. Do I want a refund or not?

Purely out of curiosity I have decided to forgo my refund but I think 30 days is a bit stingy when most sellers give either 60 or 90 days for a refund. I will carry on and follow all Michael White’s instructions to the letter and see how I get on.

Come back and see how next month’s module pans out.

Cheers til then.


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Time For A Change

Over my years on the internet I have been sent numerous ‘home businesses’ both online and offline – all purporting to make me rich – but do they work?

Dustbin 4.The prices seem to range between £17 to £10,000. Some of them I have actually purchased but most end up in my bin. Of those purchased some had absolutely no chance of succeeding, some I found that ‘something’ was always missing and a few are still on my shelf because I probably found that the ‘easy to  follow’ system was just too complicated for my simple brain. Maybe they would have worked, who knows.

So what has changed my views now? Sadly I have lost a few close friends recently through illness and a few people very close to me are also having serious health issues. I have been invited to stay with friends abroad several times and have been unable to go because I cannot leave my offline business. Life is too short so its time to make some changes as I would really like to get rid of my offline business and have more time free to do what I want –  but what to do….


I have looked at getting involved with Forex but I think you need to have enough money set aside that can be used without getting hysterical if it gets lost. So that is on the back burner for a while.

Gambling Systems?

Maybe but not until I see  something that is not totally hair-brained.

Affiliate Marketing?

Now I know that a lot of people make a lot of money with affiliate marketing. So I feel that maybe this is the way to go.

I have signed up for a course called The Fortune Files by Michael White. It is a 10 month course that is costing me £29.95 a month including post and packing. So that’s £299.50 in total. Michael White also offers a 30 day money back guarantee if I don’t like it after month one.

Come back later and I will keep you updated as to how this is working out.

Cheers til then.


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Christmas Day

The last few months have been a bit chaotic for me and mine so I have not posted anything since November.

Xmas Day LunchChristmas was an absolute disaster. Last year (2014) TOH and I booked our Christmas day lunch at a hotel just outside Ringwood on the edge of the New Forest. It was fabulous. The atmosphere, the food, the staff, everything was excellent.

This year(2015) we invited some friends who had had a bad year health-wise, to come with us so they did not have to do anything except rest and enjoy the day. OMG what a disaster!

When we arrived there was no one there to ‘meet and greet’ (Had we come on the right day?) There was hardly any decorations to be seen. The place seemed deserted. We eventually found a member of staff and asked for some coffee as we were a bit early. He was not sure if they could do that as they(?) were busy. Eventually some lukewarm coffee arrived.

We drank our lukewarm coffee and waited – and waited – and waited… A few more people arrived and as still no member of staff appeared they ambled off in the direction of the second dining room. We followed them as we were getting rather hungry and felt that we should do something.

I wish I had taken my camera. The room was normally used for functions so was quite large but there were way too few tables to fill it and we and we all had tables so far apart that inter-table conversation was impossible.

Our waiter appeared and took our drinks order and checked our menu choice and duly produced both. When the starters arrived – pate’ and melba toast – it seemed quite clear to me that the chef was having an ‘off’ day! Wasn’t melba toast supposed to be thinly sliced toasted bread? Not a chunk of extremely dry brown bread.

First course cleared away led to the arrival of the main course. Now, I don’t know about you but I hate red cabbage. The plate was served with slices of turkey, pigs in blankets, stuffing, extremely soggy red cabbage, sliced potatoes in cheese sauce(!) all covered in a large slick of gravy.

I was now convinced that the chef must be possessed by the devil Xmas Puss.himself. No-one serves a main meal in this state. Especially not a Christmas lunch. The young waiter arrived with side dishes of broccoli, carrots and roast potatoes. He asked us if everything was ok. What could we say? It wasn’t his fault.

During this situation I looked over to the kitchen doors and through the round glass windows I could clearly see a lot of rushing around and frantic arm waving and gesticulating. All was not well in the kitchen.

The next course was the pudding. Guess what? It was actually edible – but to be honest there is not much that anyone can do to catering portions of Christmas pudding and custard. So, were we pacified? No we were not. And by the look of things neither were a lot of other people. We, and a few others, decided to leave before the cheese and biscuits and mince pie.

Our waiter came to clear the dishes and asked us for the third time if everything was ok and we decided to tell him what we really thought. We did assure him that under the circumstances he had done a sterling job and we put no blame on him, after all it was his Christmas day as well. We gave him a good tip but insisted that he put it in his own pocket and not in the ‘pot’.

Still in all this time not a single member of the management had shown their faces to ask if everything was ok or at the very least to wish everyone a happy Christmas. They just left the waiting staff to cope with everything on their own.

We and several others left early. We were so embarrassed for our friends as we had all been so looking forward to this day with great expectations and it was such a disappointment – especially for Christmas Day.

Our only explanation was that possibly the chef had not turned up at all that day. At the very least, if that was the problem, the manager should have come out and explained the situation and asked everyone to bear with them and offered us all a complimentary meal at a later date.

The following day I was straight on to Trip Advisor to vent my feelings, it appeared that I was not the only person to do so. Whilst £60 per head is not a fortune it is enough to expect a decent meal so I also sent a letter of complaint to the hotel and their head office.

I received nothing from the hotel, not even an acknowledgement for my letter. Eventually I did receive a letter of apology from the head office with a £50 voucher towards a meal at the same hotel.

I duly returned the voucher with a letter asking the customer service manager why on earth he thought that we would want to return to the same hotel for another meal and that my idea of customer service would have been a full refund of the money we had paid. I posted my letter and told our friends to say goodbye to their 50% of the £50 voucher.

Cheque 1I was very pleasantly surprised when a week later I received a cheque for the full amount. This Christmas we shall be booking our Christmas Day lunch….. Somewhere else!

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The Pomodoro technique?

Have you ever heard of the Pomodoro technique?

It’s a revolutionary productivity “hack” that allows you to get more done, and stay focused for longer.

As an internet marketer, I would like to say that I swear by it. But to be totally honest I have to admit to you that I have only just come across it! It’s a really simple but efficient way to get organized too. The process is quite simple to follow.

For every project you’re working on each day, you budget your time into short increments and take breaks periodically. Work for 25 minutes, then take a 5 minute break.

Frequent breaks keep your mind fresh and focused.

Each 25-minute work period is called a “pomodoro,” after theTomato Best Italian word for tomato (apparently, the guy who created this technique – Francesco Cirillo – used a tomato-shaped kitchen timer for this, and that’s how it got the name.)

After four “pomodoros” have passed, (100 minutes of work time with 15 minutes of break time) you now take a 15-20 minute break.

You don’t need to buy the book as I can let you have a free downloadable copy of the 153 pages HERE . I like to have the books of interest at hand for referring to – and the timer is quite a cute thing to have.

Anyway, a lot of people use this technique and I thought it would be useful to you, as it hopefully will be for me.
As I mentioned before, the frequent breaks help keep your mind fresh and focused, especially if you are working at your computer and you’ll be amazed how much more you get done.
And of course, the more you can achieve in a day, the more you can earn per day, too.

You can learn more about it at the official website, Don’t buy the book on the site as you can get your free copy HERE.

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3 Ways To Avoid Upsetting Your Email List

List BuildingHaving spent the time and effort building your email list it is worth making sure that you keep your subscribers happy. If you just leave your list to take care of itself it won’t be long before you are in trouble.

Common sense will tell you that if you have a list of subscribers who signed up for information and tips about growing tomatoes they will get increasingly frustrated if they keep receiving offers on how to meet their ideal partner or which are the best holiday destinations. Stick to the subject.

The following tips will also help avoid any upsets.

1. Always provide an unsubscribe link in your emails.
When someone on your list decides that they no longer wish to receive information from you they must be allowed to unsubscribe from your list. Most auto-responders have an unsubscribe link as a fixture on every sent email but check to make sure.
If you see that someone has actually removed themselves from your list you MUST NOT send any more communications to them otherwise you will be guilty of spamming. You do not want to be known as a spammer – you will get black-listed and it will kill your online business.

2. Check out your bounce back rate.
The people on your list have opted-in and are therefore expecting to get periodic emails from you. If your mails are not getting through you need to know why. Your own email sending system will let you know if any are undeliverable.

There are several reasons for this happening.
a) The recipients mail box may have been full at the time of sending.
b) The server may have been busy – but the email can be delivered at a later time.
c) An invalid or misspelled address.
d) An email address that no longer exists.

If you are using an auto-responder there is no reason for a misspelled address unless the intended recipient can’t spell their own address – it happens! You need to flag the bounced emails so that you can clear them from your list otherwise your statistics will be unreliable.

3. Do not ever send out unsuitable content.
Trying to shock people into action may well work for some marketers who know their list intimately but unless you know what you are doing I would advise you not to try it. You can be controversial without going over the top. Don’t ever put anything rude or risqué in an email – you don’t know who is going to open it. You may think it is funny at the time but I guarantee you will regret having done it when it comes back to bite you.

If you just treat your subscribers as you would like to be treated yourself you probably will not have any problems. Just check up on yourself from time to time to keep things running smoothly.

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Pension! What Pension?

So the government in its wisdom has decided that we pensioners are actually capable of managing our own private pensions. Thanks a lot Mr Cameron but what if you happen to be one of the many thousands of us that don’t have anything except the basic state pension.

I might add at this point that I object to the money that we have paid in all out working lives – now being called a Benefit! It is NOT a benefit. We have worked and made contributions towards our PENSION thank you very much!

If you do happen to have the extra money now available to you then best of luck and I hope you really enjoy whatever you decide to do with it. You deserve it. It’s yours. Spend it and be happy.

Unfortunately, I do not have a private pension to fall back on so like many others I need to find a way to help myself because I am sure that no matter what all the different parties promise in the lead up to any general election – when all the dust dies down it will be up to me to support myself because I probably don’t ‘qualify’ for anything. Why am I not surprised?

It amazes me that you are expected to fill in page after page of government forms (save the forest why don’t you!) and have your life put under a microscope only to be told that “Sorry, you don’t qualify” If you want to get depressed try it just as an exercise.

I get quite a lot of ‘get rich quick’ offers in my mail box. Apparently, all I have to do is press 3 buttons on my computer and I will make trillions every month with absolutely no effort on my part at all. Really?! If that’s the case why isn’t everyone doing it and making trillions then we wouldn’t need a pension system at all?

The trouble is that there are so many among us that really do need some extra income who will be taken in by these promises. The unfortunate truth is that quite often, especially if we are talking ‘Guru’ type sellers,  the only people that will make any money are the ones who are selling you their ‘system’.

The internet is littered with would-be entrepreneurs who have spent a lot with these people only to find that they have been given the basics but not all the extra bits of information that you really need to make things work.

Having said that, I feel that I must be fair and say that there are honest people on the internet that can help you make some extra money either part-time or full-time but you need to do quite a bit of research to find them (I will get more into that at a later date).

One uncomplicated way to make some money online is to have a clear-out (or ‘de-clutter’ as it’s called these days) and sell what you don’t need on Ebay.

It’s much better than getting up at the crack-of-dawn and trudging bleary eyed to a car boot sale – especially in the winter. Be honest with yourself, most of the stuff you have squirreled away you will never use or wear again. Your rubbish is someone else’s gold.

You probably can’t get into most of the clothes you no longer wear, how many times are you going to read those books or watch those DVDs and videos (I understand there is still quite a market for old videos) and how much of that kitchen equipment do ever actually use?

I think I heard on one of the television auction programs that almost every household could muster up around £2,000 worth of clutter to get rid of if they really had a good sort out.

Try spending a week-end going round your house/garage/garden shed and just see what you can find. I’m sure you will be surprised.

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Challenge Number 4. Can I Make it?

I did not think I would manage to get this far in the Quick Start Challenge – but I have.

Challenge 3 was completed on time – albeit that my opt-in form needs (needed) a little tweaking size wise. Now to complete the 4th challenge I just have to show up live to this weeks webinar. Although I have not been able to do this for the past 3 weeks I will make an all out effort to make it to this final one.

What have I learned so far? Mainly that although your first instinct to trying anything that is new to you or out of your comfort zone is probably to run a mile in the opposite direction – if you just take one step at a time you will  come to realize that you are capable of far more than you think.

Once you have stepped over one hurdle you get the confidence to go for the next (higher) one. Even Dean has said his own first video was pretty awful but look at him now. A sure case of ‘keep doing what you’re doing and eventually you will get it right’ and become an expert.

I am continuing this post the morning after the above mentioned webinar – actually it’s 13:30 but who’s counting.

Again there was a lot of excellent information in this final and I must say looooong webinar.  I crawled into bed at 1:30am gmt! I’m really not a night owl these days. In my younger days I would think nothing of leaving a night club (disco as they were then called) and going home just to change and head off again straight to work. Did I really do that? Happy days.

So what now? My aim is to take what I have learned from these past four weeks and ‘rinse & repeat’ most of it. Luckily I can watch the webinar recordings to jog my memory – that is really most helpful and all the facebook QSC members that have stayed the course are available if I need any help or most importantly, encouragement.

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